MLM Recruiting Secrets: THREE Ways to Recruit More Reps Today

MLM Recruiting Secrets: THREE Ways to Recruit More Reps Today

MLM Recruiting Secrets: 3 Ways to Recruit More Reps

MLM recruiting usually means getting other people to buy a product/service/membership from your affiliate website on a monthly basis. And in most network marketing companies, it’s “the skill” that pays BIG money.

BUT (big but) by the numbers, the large majority of people are unable to earn a profit. In fact, most people actually lose money before they give up on their network marketing business. 

The numbers are so bad it kind of makes you wonder, do MLM recruiting secrets really exist???

Like Most Network Marketers…

I started my home business using traditional MLM word-of-mouth methods, such as…

-   Contact friends and family

-   Prospect at the mall and at school (community college)

-   Message random people on Facebook

After working it for a few months, I ran out of people to talk to (no warm market). I quickly realized that “recruiting” is the skill that pays big money in most MLM (network marketing) companies. And I also understood that “recruiting” meant getting lots of people to buy the product, with the goal of building the business. 

Since then…

From learning, taking repeated action, and helping others – I’ve recruited several people into my home businesses and here’s 3 “MLM recruiting secrets” that have helped me along the way.

MLM Recruiting Secrets: THREE Ways to Recruit More Reps

Make Up in Numbers What You Lack in Skill – The number one reason people fail to make money in the MLM industry is because they don’t have enough leads (prospects). Without having new prospects consistently, your posture is going to “suck”, and you’re not going to recruit a large number of team members. So, make up in NUMBERS what you lack in skill. What does that mean? Always be connecting with new people and building your list of prospects. If you are building your biz using traditional offline methods, make it your goal to connect with new people every day – put yourself in social environments where you can easily meet new people. Be aware of who’s around you in public and don’t prejudge anybody – you never know who you might bump into. If you are struggling to build your list with traditional methods, learn how to generate leads online with a simple platform such as MyLeadSystemPRO. Also, read my blog post regarding “how to generate leads online”.


Build RAPPORT with Your Prospects First - Make your marketing about your prospects. Truth is, nobody cares about your business – not even your prospects. Your prospects do not care about your company, the compensation plan, or the products. Your prospects only care about how YOU can help them… fire their boss, spend more time with their family, quit their current 9-5 job, be able to travel more, etc. Your prospects do not care about the money – they care about the FREEDOM that comes with a successful home business. So, build a relationship with your prospects before mentioning anything about your MLM business opportunity. When your prospects come to like, know, and trust you – they are much more likely to join your business. If you are building your biz online, always “lead with VALUE” – give away free training on the front-end and save your MLM biz for the e-mail follow up. Pitching your business opportunity all over the internet (social media) will not build TRUST from other people, it will actually create resistance.


Ask Questions and LISTEN to Your Prospects – Ask questions that uncover your prospect’s wants and needs. When they respond to your questions, LISTEN CAREFULLY, and then fill those needs and wants with your offer. The types of questions you ask are dependent on the type of prospect you are speaking to. If you are talking to your friends and family, ask questions that uncover their desires for more freedom – more time with family, more travel, less driving in traffic, less taking orders from a boss, etc. If you are talking to another network marketer, ask them about their struggles and listen to find out exactly what they WANT in this industry. Many network marketers, I would say the large majority, are unhappy with their current situation (no leads, no training, no support). They are looking for a leader that can teach them how to build a successful home business. If you never get yourself in-front of these people, and provide solutions to their problems, you’ll never be that leader that they decide to partner with.


MLM Recruiting Secrets to Recruit Your Friends & Family

Unless your friends and family ALREADY think of you as a successful marketer or business owner, prepare yourself for the objections. I know how this goes. It stings a little bit when your friends and family says “NO”. When I first started in network marketing, I assumed all of my friends would be JUST as excited as I was, about my network marketing business. That wasn’t the case, and it hurt when I started to hear objection after objection. Here’s the best mindset to carry with you when talking to friends and family…

Do not get emotional about his/her decision!

If one of your prospects says, 

“Is this one of those pyramid things?”

Do not take him/her serious

Remove them from your list, and then carry on. Trying to fight their objection would be like trying to fight a bear with a toothbrush – it won’t end well. Don’t be the person that says,

“Well, look at your workplace; you have a CEO at the top of the pyramid.. blah blah blah.”

They do not care for your business opportunity nor do they care for your wise comparisons.

MLM Recruiting Secrets to Recruit Other Entrepreneurs

The ideal prospect for your network marketing business is either…

seriously interested in network marketing, or

already involved in network marketing and making money from home.

How do you recruit this “target market” (ideal prospects)?

Simple. Position yourself in front of these people and provide solutions to their common problems…

I’d say the TWO biggest “problems” faced by network marketers are:

1) lack of skills

2) lack of support

By providing solutions to these common problems, you will build trust with your ideal prospects. They’ll begin to see you as the expert in your industry and someone who they would like to work with.

How to Recruit More Reps TODAY

I support both online and offline marketing to build your MLM business.

You’ll find people that say, “Offline marketing is the ONLY way.”


You’ll find people that say, “Online marketing is the ONLY way.”

If you ask me, I say do BOTH. Make up in numbers what you lack in skill, right?!

Also, think about this …

When you DO recruit a new rep, they may prefer offline methods or they may prefer online methods. If you know both offline and online marketing, you’ll be the rockstar leader that can provide training in both areas!

More Prospects –> More Team Members –> More FREEDOM

If you want to learn how to get more leads and recruit more reps TODAY, check out this free training. Inside, you’ll meet Ray Higdon, one of the top MLM recruiters in our industry. Ray gives you his 10 proven prospecting tricks for finding new prospects in your local area. I really like the “post it notes” strategy that Ray covers in the training (leaders attract leaders). The majority of the strategies he discusses are offline, but he also talks briefly about online marketing. Ray is very knowledgeable in both areas. 

If you want to learn how to find new prospects online, and recruit reps that way, I want you to click the button below and opt-in on the next page, where you’ll learn about a marketing system called MyLeadSystemPRO. The training, the tools, and the support inside of MLSP have helped me generate over 500 leads in the past three months and the best part about is… recruiting people into my current MLM has never been easier! If you want access to the same exact blueprint that has helped 1000’s of marketers get more leads and recruit more reps, click the button below right now.

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Thanks For Reading These “MLM Recruiting Secrets”!

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  1. i enjoyed reading but i’m still need help something a lil more simple im new to this :(

    • Hey Yvonne, are you new to network marketing? Recruiting is a skill that takes time to master. These are strategies to help you increase your leadflow, because without leads, you cannot recruit people into your home business. Please visit the banner on the side of the page (Need More Leads?) for my most SIMPLE business building resource! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the quote by Jim Rohn: make up in numbers what you lack in skill. If you bat 90% and i bat 10%, you talk to 10 and sponsor 9 i talk to 100 and sponsor 10, i beat you. Great stuff. Network marketing recruiting isn’t that difficult when you treat your business like a real business and master the skill. Keep the posts coming Collin!

    • Thanks for your comment Jason. Isn’t Jim the best?! “You don’t gotta bat a thousand. You can bat 3/10 and make a million dollars a year!” Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

  3. Thanks

    • You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love your strategies., will be implementing them. Makes a lot of sense.

    • I’m happy this makes sense to you Pamela. These three “MLM recruiting secrets” have helped me immensely since I joined my first network marketing company last year in 2013. Thanks for visiting!

  5. The point was hit right by this great author. No doubt about the above three secretes, but driving traffics to the network marketing blog should be part of thes equation of success in network marketing. the fact is the more traffics you drive on the network marketing blog/website, the higher the chances of getting those who say YES to the network marketing opportunity
    thanks Colines.

    • Thanks for the kinds words. I totally agree and I might add – it’s best to send people to your personal blog or website, instead of directly to a company blog or sales page. It shows people that you’re driven and passionate about building a unique presence. Love the mindset you have! Add me on Facebook so we can stay connected! :)


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